January 23, 2015

Dreaming In Adversity

For those who dream to create, and for those who dream to create change.

Dreaming In Adversity

With a spark it starts
In the heart of those who those
Who see beyond their tired hands
The hands that have built fences of tradition
At best
Oppression at worst

With a vision it begins
Colors of possibility dancing on a blank canvas
Words of hope and faith darting across blank pages
The whisper of change runs through
Cracked walls, lifeless trees, and stale, bitter air
There is something more than just what you know

And the voice(s) rise
Getting louder as passion and urgency collide
Intertwining with a calling and creativity
Speak! Some say
Stand Up! Some respond
Follow, and then live


Chains remain
The chains of insecurity
And fear of not being enough
Of defeat

That weightless feeling in one’s stomach
In the midst of a freefall
Surrounded by the wind that screams
“This is the way it has always been!”
“Who are you to dare?”
But dare one shall to dream
If it means becoming
Creating what others couldn’t

Worthless! Useless! Failure!
The world points an unclean finger
Shooting flames of adversity
Jump, duck, run
Keep walking
For who can measure the strength of the tenacious spirit
Given by God to fight when needed?
Fight not to kill or win
But to claim and proclaim the gift of life

Because each one life matters
Walk through hell to get to heaven
Rest, be still, and know peace
If only in mind and not on streets
This is our victory

This is how we dream in adversity

photo credit: BdwayDiva1 via photopin cc

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