January 07, 2013

When My Heart Breaks For Theirs

I do not want to go to deep into the meaning of this poem, or reveal any specific names out of respect for these people. But I'm sure we've all been there; watching a person(s) from a distance as they struggle and hurt themselves repeatedly. What's worse is that there is that there is very little that can be done on my part, aside from praying for these people and listening to them when needed. But even that can be tough, particularly when you want to scream and yell about just how badly they're destroying themselves. At the same time, I also have my own life to live and cannot fully bear a burden that isn't mine to take on. The words will hopefully explain themselves. 

Watch, Hurt, Hope

She’s just seventeen and still a child in many ways
Yet needs a prayer for something bigger than she can understand
She’s put her trust in all the wrong people
Built a foundation on people and things
Tired of loving and being left over and over
She tells her friend’s that life’s not worth living

For over twenty years
They threw themselves into what was only temporary
They claimed it didn’t matter and that’s how things would be
But at the end of the day all they do is blame each other
Neither one of them is happy

He has been struggling to find his way for most of his life
Running around in circles
One minute he’s confident, the next he’s lost again
He cries out in anger and frustration
Yet doesn’t seem to understand personal responsibility

Here I stand
Looking from the outside in
My heart breaks for such pain
A kind of pain that doesn’t seem to end
I want them to know that I care
That love will always be there
Still I hesitate for a fear of being ignored due to indifference

So in this place I pray
For healing and peace
For forgiveness and mercy
For peace and starting over
That what I call home may become a place of sunshine again
Rather than a place of sadness and bitterness
A world of gray

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