September 23, 2015

Freedom Walk

Freedom Walk

Over a decade
She laid like Sleeping Beauty
By a spell of tension, yelling, and confusion
Her deep sleep set in motion
For the sake of her own protection
From the reality which was her home
So she no longer had to function
As a punching bag
Away from those who breathed fire-like belittlements

Childhood ends, so she wakes
Not by princes or kisses
But by whispers of truth in the wind
She must acknowledge what slept alongside her
Pain, loneliness, burdens not hers to bear

She must face
She must feel
She must not fight
Because the smoke has cleared
What once was, no longer is

It’s not the repetition of history
That makes leaving behind a shell, a life
So daunting
Fear comes with the possibility of accomplishing and achieving
Only to have it taken away so fast
Getting too caught up in trivial matters
No time or ability to appreciate

Yet there’s a difference
Between now and then
Older, not as easily influenced
Stronger, unwilling to give up without a fight
Not relying on singular circumstances
But what comes each day

And with guidance, she walks
By faith alone she lives
In her purpose
To be a voice of reason, perhaps
To speak as an in-between, uncategorized

She knows her truth
And so she goes
With her head held high
Longing to dance
Like she has her headphones on

It’s a process
But one day
She will
In this moment
She celebrates

She is free

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