March 13, 2015

Ocean Wide

I wrote this is honor of my best friend, who recently began a new chapter in her life in the Peace Corps. May God go with you, sweetheart. 

Ocean Wide

I can easily recall the ocean of my youth
A child looking out, wondering about
 All the mysterious creation contained beneath the water
Sharks, jagged edges, and perhaps even mermaids
An over active imagination’s paradise
Yet I feared submersion
Of having my dreams dashed by the powerful forces below
So I stayed on shore as the rolling tide teased my ankles
Begging me to join

Ten or so years later
Fourteen, sixteen, teetering on womanhood
The adventurous spirit within me awakens
I am cautious, but I long to be free
A day trip in a beach town I break away from the confines
Gallivanting into the waves on my own
Diving in between to feel the sting of salt in my eyes and nose
Dancing against nature
Only to realize that I’ve wound up on the other side
But I went unpunished, and later basked in a palette of colors
Shades of blue and pink surrounding me
Realizing what made me feel alive

The way I felt back then
A mirrored reflection of how I feel right now
One moment I’m terrified of the vastness before me
Yet eager for the opportunities that lie ahead
We’re now at age where it’s considered normal, if not expected
To go off in directions
Anything can happen
And whether that’s good or bad is as unpredictable as a rising tide
Some of us will only be separated by a phone call
Others by a couple hundred miles
Perhaps for a select few
An Ocean wide

There’s no way to know how things will change
How we’ll grow and evolve
How we’ll look, think, or feel once we meet again
But let’s not let love be dependent on stages and places
Rather, unconditional faith and support in one another
Seeking to understand, rather than just be understood
I don’t know what the future holds. But I know who holds the future
Let’s hold onto that promise, along with each other
My friend forever

No matter how far

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