November 04, 2013

Music Lovin' Monday

This is going to be a busy and somewhat stressful week, so I thought I might include some some tunes for anyone in the same boat!

Counting Stars-OneRepublic  
-The desire of any aspiring artist (or person, for that matter); that they may go to sleep one day not having to worry about paying the bills or putting food on the table. 

I'd Rather Be With You-Josh Radin
-Oh, the wonders of Pandora!

Why Don't We Just Dance-Josh Turner
-When life is overwhelming or tough to deal with, sometimes you just have to put the bad stuff aside and make the most of it!

Loves Gonna Make It Alright-George Strait 
-An oldie-but-goodie; one of those songs that will automatically make you start dancing around like it's nobody's business, particularly if you're cooking in the kitchen! (Again, thank you, Pandora!)

Eric Church-Drink In My Hand
-Let's be honest, sometimes a good beer or a glass of wine comes before a good night's sleep by the time Friday rolls around!

photo credit: A.Ddiction via photopin cc

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